Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei; Hizbullah Will Not Be Disarmed

From these statements and others it is blatantly evident that Iran is moving rapidly towards a military confrontation with Israel and the U.S. One of the few questions that remain to be answered is who takes the strategic initiative and strikes first.  


On July 16, 2006, Iranian leader Ali Khamenei gave a speech, aired on Iranian TV.The following are excerpts (translated by MEMRI TV, see: Video

Khamenei: “The Zionists would like Lebanon to be meat between their teeth, so they could do to it whatever they want, whenever they want.

“Today, the strong arm of the Lebanese resistance and the Lebanese Hizbullah has prevented this nightmare of the Zionists from coming true. This is why the American president says Hizbullah must be disarmed. Yes, of course this is what you want. Of course this is what the Zionists want. But this will not happen.

“The Lebanese people value Hizbullah and the resistance, because they know it is this strong arm that has prevented the Zionists from doing whatever they want, whenever they want, to Lebanon.”

Hossein Shariatmadari, editor of the conservative Iranian daily Kayhan, affiliated with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, called today (July 17, 2006) in his editorial to “wipe Israel off the map.” He said: “There are many signs and portents indicating that ‘the fateful day’ is coming near. It is possible that this day… has already begun…

“The Muslim peoples and many other peoples think that, in global geopolitics, there is no such thing as the state of Israel, and that the [entity] which presently bears this name is a usurping and rootless state that has imposed its parasitic presence over the region and over Palestine with the support of the arrogant powers. [This entity] invents a new crime every day. It causes men, women, and innocent children to bleed to death, or else deports them from their homeland and turns them into refugees. In light of this ‘problem,’ which is perfectly obvious, the annihilation of the Zionist regime is not only a religious and national duty, but also a universal human duty, from which no Muslim or free human being can be exempt.

“Comprehensive support for Hamas and Hizbullah, political, logistically, militarily, and through sending combatant forces to this front are the minimal price that the Islamic countries must pay in order to maintain their own security and independence…

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Day of happiness for region near 

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday, “The day of happiness for the region is near… The world is on the verge of great changes,” according to the Iranian news agency.

Ahmadinejad added that he considered Israel’s operation in Lebanon “a type of playing with fire.” (Dudi Cohen)

Michelle Malkin has a post about the Hizbollah threat here in the US 

Reuters has this

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The FBI is trying to ferret out possible Hizbollah agents in the United States amid concerns that rising U.S.-Iranian tensions could trigger attacks on American soil, FBI officials said.

Relations between Washington and Tehran, which soured after the 1979 Islamic revolution, have deteriorated further recently over Iran’s nuclear program and its support for Hizbollah, the militant Islamic group whose capture of two Israeli soldiers last week prompted Israel to launch retaliatory strikes in Lebanon.

American law enforcement officials are concerned the Lebanon-based Hizbollah, which has so far focused on fund-raising and other support activities inside the United States, could turn to violence in solidarity with Iran.

“If the situation escalates, will Hizbollah take the gloves off, so to speak, and attack here in the United States, which they’ve been reluctant to do until now?” said William Kowalski, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI in Detroit.

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