Democratic officials & ACLU challenge Missouri voter ID law

From the Kansas City Star 

Democratic officials from St. Louis and Kansas City sued the state Monday, trying to block a new Republican-backed law requiring voters to show photo identification from taking effect for the November election.

Republican Gov. Matt Blunt signed the law about a month ago, praising it as a way to build public trust in elections. The measure requires voters to show a photo identification issued by Missouri or the federal government, such as a driver’s license, to cast a regular ballot.

Those lacking such IDs this fall can cast provisional ballots, which would count if their signatures matched those on file with election authorities and they’re in the right polling place. In future elections, only the elderly, disabled and those with religious objections to carrying photo identification could vote without one, and only by provisional ballot.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Cole County Circuit Court, the seat of state government, claims the law violates a state constitutional provision against imposing costs on local governments without providing state funding, commonly referred to as the Hancock amendment. It seeks a permanent injunction blocking the law from being enforced and class-action status.

“Our overall concern is that the new law is going to leave people out who want to vote, who deserve to vote and who are qualified to vote,” Anthony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri, said in a written statement.

It should be noted that the law provides for free Photo Id’s and the Dept of Revenue with mobile processing centers will be visiting nursing homes and elsewhere so the elderly and disabled can more easily get ID cards. The only reason to oppose the requirement of a Photo ID to vote is that it severely restricts voter fraud by ensuring that those that do vote in Missouri are legally eligible to vote..

As a former resident of Missouri, I know full well that a Photo ID is required to cast an absentee Ballot.. Shouldn’t the standards be the same to vote in person?

I am not much on Polls but this one here is interesting..

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of likely voters across the country agree that displaying a photo ID should be required to cast a vote. Democrats and liberals are a bit less likely to agree than members of other groups identified in our survey.

Hat tip to Stop The ACLU

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  1. crackermack

    If you stop ONE person from voting you are doing a disservice to everyone. Tht bulk of election fraud happens when polls close early, or voters are directed to a wrong polling place, or names are purged from voting lists. Also you need a birth certificate (available for $16) to attain this voter id. Unlike driving a car or cashing your paycheck, voting is a constitutionally proteced right. This is a bad law and i believe that the vast amount of people (77%) have the wrong idea about this law. Its only purpose is to add a hurdle to the polling place. poor people and the elderly will be the ones most affected by this. Is it a coincidence that those groups tend to vote democratic? My solution is do like those wacky Iraquis did, dip your finger in a bottle of indelible ink.

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