Hizbollah attacks in the US Possible

Captains Journal has an article that brings up some very good points. We know that Hizbollah has had fundraising and PR cells in the US for years. The potential for those cells to launch terror strikes throughout the US is there, and something that we must be concerned with and prepared for.  

Are we Prepared for Hezbollah Attacks in the U.S.?

It has been widely known for some time that Hezbollah has been funded by Iran, but that they also have members and supporters in the U.S.  Some of these supporters have worked hard at raising monies for Hezbollah.  But the presence of Hezbollah cells in the U.S. goes far beyond financial resourcing of the main Hezbollah forces in souther Lebanon.  A Washington Times Editorial from May 20, 2005 notes that:

Although the organization has yet to launch an attack on U.S. soil, its U.S. activities are far from benign. Its work in this country has two major purposes: One is to raise money and smuggle arms to Hezbollah fighters, often by criminal activities ranging from credit-card fraud to cigarette smuggling; and the other is to conduct surveillance behind enemy lines, with a possible eye toward launching attacks on U.S. targets in the event of an armed conflict between the United States and Tehran. Like his backers in Iran, Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah routinely denounces the United States and Israel as his organization’s main enemies. Given the events of September 11, and given Hezbollah’s own record of kidnapping, torturing and killing Americans when it has had the opportunity, we ignore the group’s operations in this country at our peril.

Read the Full article here


  1. Jon

    This is exactly why, Israel needs to take out Hezbollah once and for all. They have been attacked over and over by these terroist organizations for far too long.

  2. No Argument from me there Jon.. and thanks for the comment.


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