How close are we to all out war with Iran?

Interesting article from the Boston Herald well worth reading.

War is ugly, but it is not the worst of options. That would be acquiescence.

Because what Iran wants is region-wide conflagration. Iran believes it can swallow us in its deserts and cities, bleeding us, humiliating us, setting the stage for Iran to rise as a new nuclear-armed Islamic superpower. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadnijad has been clownishly calling for the destruction of Israel for the past year, sounding a lot like a clownish pre-war Hitler. He has also been thumbing his nose at the United States and Europe on the issue of nuclear weapons. Earnest efforts to negotiate a solution with Teheran promise to be as effective as Neville Chamberlain’s talks in Munich with the gentleman he politely referred to as “Mr. Hitler.”

Full Article here

Hat tip to Blogs of War


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