Israel at War

IDF bombs Hizbullah anti-aircraft missile base 

beiruit.jpgThe IDF continued its bombardment of southern Lebanon on Friday afternoon, bombing two bridges over the Hazharani river as well as a Hizbullah anti-aircraft missile base and a fuel depot in Talusia.

Earlier on Friday, IDF forces foiled an infiltration attempt by Hizbullah operatives near an IDF post close to Zar’it on the northern border on Friday.

Troops opened fire towards the infiltrators and clashes erupted in the area.

Meanwhile, IAF fighter-bombers blasted Beirut International Airport in the third attack on the nation’s sole international facility since the military offensive was launched against Lebanon three days ago.

Earlier, the IAF struck Hizbullah headquarter buildings in Beirut as well as an adjacent structure that housed security guards.

The IDF said that the headquarters, which were in the Shi’ite neighborhood of Dahiya, were used to direct terrorism around the world.

Police said that three people were killed and 55 wounded in overnight IAF air strikes against the Lebanese capital’s southern suburbs where Hizbullah has its strongholds.

Israel widened its offensive on Lebanon early Friday with an air strike on the southern suburbs of the capital that are strongholds of Hizbullah and a raid on a large fuel storage tank at a power station, police and witnesses said.

Rockets bombard Nahariya and Safed

Over 700 Katyusha rockets and mortar shells have been fired on northern Israel in the current offensive in Lebanon, a senior IDF official reported on Friday.

This continuous barrage of rockets included several Katyushas that landed in Nahariya and the surrounding area and one that hit a house in Kiryat Shmona early Friday afternoon. No one was wounded in the attacks, which followed close on the heels of four rockets that landed near Rosh Pina and Safed earlier in the day and caused power failures in the area, but no injuries.

In Gaza

Meanwhile, IDF forces, which were operating in the central and northern Gaza Strip, left the areas on Friday morning after neutralizing over 30 Palestinian terrorists in the last three days.

The IDF was concentrating its activities in southern Gaza, where it was trying to prevent Palestinian operatives from smuggling captured soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit out of the region.

1500 Palestinians storm Gaza from Egypt

Palestinian gunmen have blown a hole in a wall on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, allowing 1500 people to cross into the Palestinian territory.

Gunmen, believed to be from the armed wing of the governing Palestinian movement Hamas, blew a hole in the wall around 70 meters from the Rafah border terminal, witnesses said.

Syrian ambassador tells Hizbullah to halt attacks

The Syrian ambassador to London, in an interview with the BBC, called on Hizbullah to stop firing missiles at Israel.

“Syria is not interested in joining the battle,” the ambassador said.

He also asked Hizbullah to come to an arrangement that would include exchanging prisoners 

The statement is good but perhaps someone should be telling Syria that no one is fighting in London, so a statement from the Ambassador to England pretty much amounts to squat.  

Lebanese MPs criticize Hizbullah, Syria

Speaking live on Lebanese television a Lebanese parliament member raised the question of whether the driving force behind the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers on Wednesday was not actually a Syrian initiative.

I have seen nothing on what Syrian Forces are doing, What is their readiness status and are they deployed in a defensive stance or making preperations for offensive operations.

Update 1:55 

Israel Hits Lebanon With More Airstrikes:  

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Israel tightened its seal on Lebanon, blasting its air and road links to the outside world and bringing its offensive to the capital for the first time Friday to punish Hezbollah – and with it, the country – for the capture of two Israeli soldiers.

Warplanes again smashed runways at Beirut’s airport with hours of airstrikes, trying to render it unusable, and destroyed mountain bridges on the main highway to Syria. Warships blockaded Lebanon’s ports for a second day.

Smoke drifted over the capital after strikes exploded fuel tanks at one of Beirut’s two main power stations, gradually escalating the damage to Lebanon’s key infrastructure. Apartment buildings were shattered by strikes in south Beirut. 

Fox news is reporting that Hezbollah’s leader Sheik Hassan Nasralla is beleived to be inside a building that has just collapsed in Beirut after an Israeli airstrike. This would b e a good thing!!!!!!

Update: 4:30

Israel Bombs Hezbollah Leader’s Beirut Home

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Israel destroyed the home and office of Hezbollah’s leader Friday and tightened its seal on Lebanon, blasting its air and road links to the outside world to punish the guerrilla group – and with it, the country – for the capture of two Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah’s Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and his family were safe after the Israeli missiles demolished the two buildings in Beirut’s crowded southern neighborhoods, the militant group said.

It’s good that the AP was so concerned about the health of a terrorist.

In remarks broadcast afterwards, he declared “open war” on Israel. It was not clear when the tape was recorded.

Israeli Warship Damaged off coast of Beiruit… 4 Missing.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Friday sources reported that an Israeli Navy warship was hit in its helm, close to the ship’s helipad. A fire that broke out as a result was quickly extinguished.

A closer examination found that the strike cause extended damage to the vessel, and foreign news services reported that four crewmembers were missing.  Video

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  1. For interesting background video on Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, watch this. It’s on the martyrdom of his son. Hopefully he will follow shortly.
    – M

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