How we win

There are many politicians that are advocating withdrawing of our troops from Iraq. They may call it Redeployment, or advancing in a new direction or whatever new term they want.  It is nothing more and nothing less than retreat. Abandoning the offensive strategy in the Global War on Terror of the past 5 years and adopting a strictly defensive strategy will be allowing the terrorists to choose when, where, and by what means to continue their offensive against us. A defensive strategy is one of surrendering the initiative to our enemies. It is not enough that we keep troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq until those countries can maintain their own defense against internal and external enemies. We must also aggressively seek change in the most repressive regimes in the world today, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, etc…. This change would be best if brought about diplomatically and internally, but selective use of force when our interests or the interests of our allies are threatened must remain a viable option. We are a nation at war. A war unlike any this nation or any other has ever experienced. We are not at war against another nation but against an Ideology. Our enemy in this war is an ideology of despotism and hatred and one which seeks to advance the power of its current leaders, and one which uses religion as a motivating factor in recruiting and in inciting violence. We, as a nation must confront this ideology and combat it with every resource we have available and in every arena the enemy is present.

While I adamantly maintain that we must be aggressive in prosecuting this war, military force is not the only or even primary method of advancing our cause. The vast majority of terrorist recruits are from countries and regions where freedom of religion and freedom of speech is absent. To be truly successful in combating global terrorism we must expand freedom world wide. As it is now, in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, religious freedom does not exist. The Imams and Mullahs have a monopoly on influencing their citizens. Their Influence in the past has led their youth to hatred and violence in the name of their god. In order for us to be successful, that monopoly must be ended.

Freedoms of Religion and Speech are not the only freedoms that we are expanding. Economic freedom is also a necessity. To achieve that economic freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan we are helping the Iraqis and Afghanis build or repair the infrastructure, schools, medical facilities, and lines of communication that will make that economic freedom possible. Provided we maintain our commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, future generations will have opportunities to pursue vocations beyond bomb making, and seeking martyrdom. Our combat forces are fighting this generation of terrorists. The rebuilding efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan provide us the capability to combat the next generations of terrorists before they become terrorists.  

Defend America provides links to many articles and stories that never make the evening news. Schools being built, Power plants being repaired after decades of neglect, and water treatment facilities coming back on line may not sell newspapers but it is how we will win the War on Terror.     

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