Jihadi Journalists try to explain themselves

The editors of the the New York Times, and the LA Times published an editorial in which they attempt to compare their disclosure of highly a classified program to track finances of terrorists to the release of “The Pentagon Papers” 35 Years ago.   

The Pentagon Papers revealed among other things, that the government had deliberately expanded its role in the Vietnam War by conducting air strikes over Laos, raids along the coast of North Vietnam, and offensive actions taken by U.S. Marines well before the American public was told that such actions were necessary. All of these actions occurred during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson.

What the times revealed in its publication of its Bank data sifted story is that the US had an ongoing secret, successful, and legal program that was utilized to monitor and track terrorist financing world wide. With the publication of the story in the NY and LA Times as well as the Wall Street Journal, the program is definitely no longer secret, and its effectiveness could well be placed in jeopardy. The WSJ yesterday published an editorial yesterday which explained their decision to publish the story, and it is dramatically different than the account the Times presents. (and likely a hell of a lot more accurate as well) 

Editors of publications like the NY Times and the WSJ have an enormous responsibility when they gain access to sensitive information. The Times editors made a choice to publish a story that could damage our ability to track terrorist funding despite pleas from the White House, Treasury department, both heads of the 9-11 commission, as well as Republican and Democrat law makers.

What benefit could the Times or its readers gain from the disclosure of this program? The only possible motive behind the Times decision that I can see is an attempt to undermine the President, and attempt to paint the administration as some sort of regime that looks for means and methods to undermine individual privacy and liberty. Essentially their publication of the story was based on serving their own political bias and not on informing their readers.

Our job, especially in times like these, is to bring our readers information that will enable them to judge how well their elected leaders are fighting on their behalf, and at what price.

If the New York or LA Times had a record of covering the War on Terror, be it Iraq or Afghanistan, or in its coverage of this administration in a manner which brought its readers unbaised and balanced information that allowed them to make informed decisions about this administration, there would not be such an uproar and their motives would not be in question. Unfortunately both papers continue to seek stories for the sole purpose of undermineing this Administration, even when it comes to divulging secrets that protect our national security.

The New York Times exercised its first amendment right in running the story, every right however must be exercised with responsibility. This the New York Times Failed to do. Since the “Good Judgement” of the New York Times is definitely in question nonexistent, their access to government officials, including the White House Press Corps, The Capitol building, and every Federal Agency should be Immediately revoked. Perhaps the access to those facilities and personnel could be reinstated after the Times demonstrates that they can indeed exercise good judgement. A good start in that direction would be revealing their source.

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