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HAVANA Jul 31, 2006 (AP)— Fidel Castro announced Monday night in a letter read by his secretary live on state television that due to illness he was temporarily relinquishing the presidency to his brother and successor Raul, the defense minister.

Castro’s been at death’s door for years.. Frankly I’ll actually believe he is actually dead when Jimmy Carter is an honorary Paul Bearer at his Funeral…

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Hizbullah claims to have hit warship; IDF denies

Hizbullah’s Al-Manar television claimed on Monday that guerrillas had hit an IDF warship with missiles off the coast. The IDF denied the claim.

Al-Manar said the strike on the warship off the coast of the southern city of Tyre was part of its retaliation for Sunday’s IAF strike in Kana that killed at least 56 civilians. “This is the beginning of our vengeance for the children of Kana,” it said.

The IDF said that “despite all reports in the Arab media,” none of its ships were hit. It said all its ships were accounted for.

5 wounded in UAV attack on Syrian-Lebanese border

Five people were wounded when an IDF UAV bombed a truck that had traveled from Syria into Lebanon on the border between the two countries overnight Sunday.

The driver of the truck was wounded, as well as four additional Lebanese customs workers.

Israel had declared a cessation in IAF action, but reserved the right to attack in the case of immediate threat.

It was unclear what the truck was carrying.

It should also be noted that Israel agreed to cease air strikes in Southern Lebanon for 48 hours… this border Crossing is not in Southern Lebanon..

PM: No ceasefire now, nor in the coming days

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert insisted on Monday that in spite of the 48-hour cessation of air-strikes that the government had announced, “there is no ceasefire and there will be no ceasefire in the coming days.”

IDF: Hizbullah only has few rocket launchers left

The IDF assessed on Monday that Hizbullah’s rocket launching capability was significantly compromised by the fighting that took place in the past three weeks.

It was estimated that, while the organization still has hundreds of rockets with a sufficient range to reach Afula and Haifa, there were only a number of launchers remaining with launching capability.

Peretz: IDF will expand ground offensive

Israel must not agree to an immediate cease-fire, but rather expand and strengthen its attacks on Hizbullah, Defense Minister Amir Peretz told an emergency session of the Knesset on Monday. “We must not agree to a ceasefire that would be implemented immediately,” Peretz said at the start of the heated session.

Any “Cease Fire” that does not remove Hizbollah as a fighting force in southern Lebanon is not a Cease Fire but simply a pause in the fighting that allows the terrorists to rearm, resupply, and continue their offensive against Israel when they are better prepared. Those who are seeking a cease fire that does not include disarming of Hizbollah are nothing more than cheerleaders for terrorists world wide.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council passed a weakened resolution Monday giving Iran until Aug. 31 to suspend uranium enrichment or face the threat of economic and diplomatic sanctions.

Because of Russian and Chinese demands, the text is weaker than earlier drafts, which would have made the threat of sanctions immediate. The draft now essentially requires the council to hold more discussions before it considers sanctions.

This “Resolution” is considerably weaker than was originally hoped for, requireing the Council to meet again to impose any economic sanctions. However getting both Russia and China to agree on at least this much is a diplomatic victory. The question now is if Iran ignores the UNSC will member nations like Russia & China back it up.

Venezuela will cut its oil exports to the United States if Washington takes a hostile stance toward Caracas.

The Socialist dictator Chavez govt has no other means of getting attention than by making threats against the US, making arms deals with Russians, and making Arms for oil deals with rogue nations like North Korea. He like a spoiled three year old who throws temper tantrums until he gets the attention he wants. He doesn’t care if that attention is positive or negative as long as it is focused on him. perhaps it is time to give Chavez a spanking.  

Also of note here is that the Venezulean Oil minister was quoted by IRNA the Iranian News agency.

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FRANKLIN — At a town-hall meeting billed as “The Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration” Thursday, host Phil Valentine said, “People are saying that all immigrants are hardworking and come here to do jobs that Americans won’t do …. And a lot of them are.”

Here is some other information regarding Illegal Immigration and Crime..

And a lot of them are not. Illegal Immigrants comprise less than 9% of the US population yet make up 29% of those incarcerated in federal Prison. In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants, and 75% of the Los Angeles Most Wanted list also happen to be illegal immigrants.

Gang Violence is also a major concern with the Illegal Immigrant community, with MS-13 being one of the most brutal. The FBI estimates that MS-13 has as many as 10,000 active members dispersed in 33 states. Members have been accused of burglaries, drug sales, weapons smuggling, extortion, illegal firearm sales, auto thefts, murder and rape.

“Street gangs in America have grown and expanded their influence to an alarming level, marked by increased violence and criminal activity,” Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has said. “These gangs pose a severe threat to public safety, and their growth must not go unchallenged.”

Local and Federal law enforcement recently had some success in addressing MS-13 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jose Santos Bonilla, 33, was arrested during a 6 a.m. raid on a southeast Richmond home. Since Bonilla came to the East Bay from San Francisco six months ago, MS-13 members have been linked to three homicides and several other shootings as they sought to carve out territory and intimidate other gangs, authorities said.

“Federal prosecution, although it’s more difficult to get a conviction, brings with it a much stiffer sentence,” said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan.

Police, along with the FBI and the ICE, sought other people believed to be connected with the gang but were unsuccessful.

“There are several individuals that are fugitives now that have been identified with gang activity,” Gagan said.

Bonilla is an illegal immigrant and was arrested on an immigration charge, Gagan said. Police expect to seek additional charges related to weapons possession and gang activity.

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On July 29, 2006, the London Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published a detailed article on assistance extended to Hizbullah by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, as reported by a high-ranking Revolutionary Guards officer who had trained Hizbullah naval units. According to the officer, Hizbullah has a diver unit and a naval commando unit.

In addition, Iranian news agencies have published a number of reports about groups of Iranian volunteers sent to Lebanon to aid Hizbullah in its fight against Israel.

Some examples of these reports:

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat(London), July 29, 2006 

“Hundreds of Hizbullah fighters currently confronting Israel’s military array took part in special training courses at the Revolutionary Guards bases in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad and Ahvaz. According to a high-ranking [Revolutionary] Guards officer, who trained one of the Hizbullah naval units, Hizbullah has many surprises up its sleeve.

The Iranian officer added that “thanks to the presence of hundreds of Iranian engineers and technicians, as well as North Korean experts brought [into Lebanon] in the guise of [domestic] servants by Iranian diplomats and by the staff at the Iranian representations and offices in Lebanon, Hizbullah has managed to build a 25-kilometer underground [tunnel]. Each opening in this [tunnel] measures 12 to 18 square meters, and has a mobile floor and a semi-mobile ceiling. Each four openings are connected by a passage that allows fighters to pass easily [from one opening] to the other.

Farda News Agency (Iran), July 25, 2006

2,500 Iranian Suicide Fighters Await Khamenei’s Order

On July 25, 2006, the Iranian Farda news agency quoted a report by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), stating that Hizbullah-Iran has recruited some 2,500 suicide fighters who are awaiting an order from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to set out to Lebanon.

Hizbullah-Iran spokesman Mojtaba Bigdeli added that the Hizbullah-Iran Chairman Mohammad Baqr Kharrazi will “soon be stationed in Lebanon in order to support Hizbullah-Lebanon and to express solidarity with the resistance and with the oppressed Lebanese nation, and [also] in order to follow developments [more] closely…

“Some 2,500 people who are fully willing to carry out istishhad [martyrdom] operations have signed up through groups connected to Hizbullah-Iran, so that the list [of martyrs] is now ready, and they await an order from the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamenei]

Alborz News Agency (Iran), July 18, 2006 

On July 18, 2006, the Alborz news agency reported that “two groups of Iranian martyrdom fighters, who have received guidance and training, have been sent to Lebanon in order to participate in the [war on] its fronts.

“Ali Mohammadi, spokesman of The World Islamic Organization’s Headquarters for Commemorating the Shahids (martyrdom fighters), stated: ‘These two groups, which include 27 people selected from among 55,000 who signed up, were sent to Lebanon in order to participate in the war front against the Zionist regime… These forces have undergone various forms of training… Their mission is to arrive in Lebanon by any means possible, and to carry out martyrdom operations in the event that Lebanon is occupied by the Zionist regime.’

Mehr News Agency (Iran), July 17, 2006

“Two Teams [Have Been] Sent to Syria In Order to Reach The Regions Of Conflict In Lebanon”

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You just cann’t make this stuff up.

NEW YORK (WCBS-AM) — A Tomahawk Cruise Missile being transported south on I-95 this morning ended up in the middle of the highway near the Bronx.

The missile was being shipped from Rhode Island to a Virginia naval installation when the truck broke down. The truck carrying the missile was then rear ended by another tractor trailer, sending the missile out onto the highway in its protective case.

The New York City Police Department has confirmed that one of the vehicles was carrying “inert ordnance.” WCBS reporter Sean Adams has gotten confirmation from the New York City Fire Department that the cargo of the flat-bed was a Tomahawk missile. It is important to emphasize that the missile was not armed.

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U.N. Human Rights Committee told Washington it should immediately shut all “secret detention” facilities and give the International Committee of the Red Cross access to anybody held in armed conflict. It also expressed concern at the past use of interrogation techniques that may be a form of torture……………..

The UN is Concerned with detention of terrorists at Gitmo, yet they refused to actually tour the site.. They are also concerned with our returning those terrorists to their home countries where they might face torture. But amazingly enough they apparently had no concern what so ever with UN Peace Keepers raping and killing refugees in The Congo.

We need to send John Bolton back to the UN… With an Eviction notice… Besides the UN building with some cleaning could make great Condos…

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Iranian Students Volunteer to Join the Fighting in Lebanon and Palestine

Reporter: “Far away from the resounding speeches and the political propaganda, these Iranian men chose to put words into action. They are all university students, who have gathered here in Tehran under the title of ‘The Justice Movement of the Students,’ in order to go to Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories and join the ranks of the resistance there. It is noteworthy that this movement operates with no governmental support. It is a voluntary movement par excellence. They hope that the Turkish authorities will allow them to pass into Syria, and from there into Lebanon.”

Amin Jalili Nejad, secretary of The Justice Movement of the Students: “This is a popular movement, which receives support from no one. Our goal is to stand by our brothers in Lebanon and Palestine. I believe that we will gather more volunteers on our way to the Turkish border, which we will reach tomorrow.”

Reporter: “Everyone you meet here tells you that they face geographical difficulties, but you can feel the collective sense of responsibility towards their religion, and towards their Lebanese and Palestinian brothers.”

Sahil Taqvi, volunteer and computer engineer: “We love martyrdom, and are ready to go to Lebanon and Palestine empty-handed to help the resistance, whether by giving it aid or even by martyrdom.”

Video Here

Despite the “Reporters” insistance that this movement operates with no government support, I would bet that it is organized and funded through Islamic charities that are supported by the Iranian government.

IAF targets Hezbollah hideouts in south Lebanon

Israel Air Force warplanes fired more than 30 missiles at suspected Hezbollah hideouts in hills and mountainous areas in southeastern Lebanon Thursday night and Friday. The day before, the IAF scored a direct hit against Hezbollah’s missile command center deployed in Tyre, which was responsible for firing rockets on the Haifa area.

The IDF believes that at least 200 Hezbollah operatives have been killed since the fighting began more than two weeks ago, a military source said Friday.

Rockets continue to rain down on Northern Israel

By noon Friday, Hezbollah had fired 14 rockets at northern Israel, Israel Radio reported.

Hezbollah militants fired more than 100 Katyusha rockets at the north Thursday.

Some 25 landed in and around Kiryat Shmona and the rest landed across the Galilee and Hula Valley. Thirteen people were lightly wounded in rocket strikes on Carmiel, Majdal Krum, Kiryat Shmona, and the Rosh Pina area and 16 people went into shock.

U.K., France seeking UN resolution to end conflict

President Jacques Chirac said Friday that France will press for the rapid adoption of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon, his office said.

Meanwhile, Portugal said Friday it would be willing to join any European Union peacekeeping force in an effort to stop the fighting.

Any Cease Fire that does not include the dismantlement of Hizbollah is nothing more than a time out so Hizbollah can rearm and continue the fight again at a later date.

Israel rules out United Nations role in peacekeeping force

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations ruled out Thursday major UN involvement in any potential international force in Lebanon, saying more professional and better-trained troops were needed for such a volatile situation.

Dan Gillerman also said Israel would not allow the United Nations to join in an investigation of an Israeli air strike that demolished a post belonging to the current UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Four UN observers were killed in the Tuesday strike.

“Israel has never agreed to a joint investigation, and I don’t think that if anything happened in this country, or in Britain or in Italy or in France, the government of that country would agree to a joint investigation,” Gillerman said.

3 reserve divisions to start training after call-up okayed

The security cabinet on Thursday authorized the mobilization of three divisions of reservists, “to prepare the force for possible developments,” but said that they will be deployed, if necessary, only after further approval by the cabinet.

Three divisions of reserve soldiers would amount to around 15,000 soldiers, or 5,000 troops per division, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said.