Pennsylvania Lawmakers addressing Illegal Immigration at the State level.

Updated Post: Some recent Immigration news from Hazelton 

From The Daily Item  

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania should toughen its employment and welfare laws so illegal aliens have less incentive to come here, a coalition of state lawmakers said Tuesday.

The lawmakers, including Rep. Robert Belfanti, D-107 of Mount Carmel, want state officials to verify the status of immigrants before providing them with benefits and prosecute employers who hire illegal workers. Under one bill, an employer would be fined $1,000 for knowingly hiring an illegal alien.

Their call for action marks the emergence of illegal immigration as a major issue in Harrisburg. Statewide hearings will be held this summer on the immigration bills.

The lawmakers said state action is needed to curb illegal immigration because the federal government, particularly Immigration and Customs Enforcement, isn’t doing the job.

The coalition is loose-knit, and lawmakers are stressing different approaches as a way to curb illegal immigration.

Mr. Belfanti proposes bills to expand the power of state and county prosecutors to arrest and detain illegal workers, requiring state licensing of building contractors and requiring employers to prove their employees are U.S. citizens.

Specifically, Mr. Belfanti would give the state attorney general and county district attorneys power to arrest and detain illegal workers up to 30 days.

If this proposal was already state law, said Mr. Belfanti, Northumberland County District Attorney Anthony Rosini could have detained illegal workers discovered on the job last week during a raid of a shopping center construction site on Route 61 in Coal Township.

“Contractors who hire these illegals know all the tricks, and our inability to arrest and detain illegal workers at construction sites means these hit-and-run contractors are too often already long gone by the time the federal government arrives,” Mr. Belfanti added.

Another lawmaker, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, has a bill to prohibit state agencies from providing benefits — ranging from food stamps to public school enrollment — to illegal aliens.

“If we turn off the spigot of public benefits and jobs “¦ they will go home on their own,” said Mr. Metcalfe.

Rep. Tom Creighton, R-Lancaster, has bills to give the state police authority to enforce federal immigration laws and require county and municipal prison wardens to determine the nationality and immigration status of any individual charged with a felony or drunken driving.

The proposals won an endorsement from Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who is gaining national attention on this issue. Mr. Barletta is pushing a city ordinance to revoke the business licenses of companies that hire illegal workers, fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and make English the official language of the city.

It is good to see that State officials starting to get the message. Perhaps those who support the Senate Shamnesty bill will begin to see the light someday too.

Corruption Chronicles has more here

City of Hazelton Pa Home Page, includes an Open letter from the Mayor to City Residents, and a link to a PDF File of the city Ordinance.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**


  1. I heard on Fox this morning Hazelton, Pennsylvania was doing this;

    and their website ‘small’ can be found here;

    The rest of the country should follow suit.

    p.s. You changed the site’s looks. Ummm. I like it, but I’m used to the old look. I just hate change, ha.

  2. Thanks for the links Debbie.

    As for the format, I am just experimenting, I am still kind of new to blogging. and just trying to figure out how I want the blog to look.


  3. Michael Davidson

    You are a true AMERICAN keep fighting the good fight of faith,everything you are doing is right for AMERICA THANK YOU MICHAEL DAVIDSON

  4. Eunice Tipaldi

    Keep up the good work Hazelton, PA. The ACLU should have no jurisdiction in this matter or any other matters that threaten those American Citizens who are living in this Country legally, paying taxes and minding their own business. This illegal immigrant situation is sickening and those that support it should relinquish their citizenship.

  5. Silence do Good

    Southern California has been ruined by illegal immigrants. Crime is through the roof; gangs are everywhere; race fights in schools and jails between mexicans and whoever they don’t get along with that day is common. They are fed, clothed, and educated at taxpayers expense, while they take their unreported income back to Mexico. It is worse than you can imagine

  6. Patricia F. Winford

    I am totally in agreement with the PA lawmakers. I believe businesses should be severely fined or their license withdrawn from them. People that come into the US illegally are ILLIGAL, THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW.. I AM IN MUCH DISAGREEMENT WITH THE ACLU.

  7. eMMETT A. Winford


  8. Silence do Good

    Be sure you know before voting if your politician supports the American worker, the retired, our children, or the illegal alien. Once they become the majority like here in Socal, the peaceful life you once knew is over. Oh, by the way, wait to you find the dirty diapers, beer cans, and other garbage in your rivers, lakes and streams, and the drunks flopping on every street corner.

  9. joe

    great job all states should start inforce the law justlike i would be arrested if i broke the law they should too

  10. Silence do Good

    Each of you should consider yourself Paul Revere and William Dawes. Get out the word: Mexico has invaded! We will not allow it to destroy our nation. Ask your neighbors not to hire illegals. Also, petition your elected officials to change the Constitution and deny foreigners giving birth in America citizenship for their children. Ask hospital workers about the numbers coming from abroad for free medical care, welfare, education, while the American citizen/worker gets the bill-and no service! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  11. emilie b shadel

    we cannot read your website.All the writing is blocked with pictures and other writing.
    Emilie Shadel

  12. Richard Wilden


  13. V Bridges

    I wish the rest of the country could fight the problems we are going to have as this abomination continues. I live in Florida. Guess how many Illegals we have here!!!
    I will pray that you will win this fight and help the rest of us in the U.S.

  14. Linda Losh

    I stand behind Mayor Barletta 150% God Bless you sir, for standing up for what is right!!! My Grandfather and Grandmother and Mother and her sister and two brothers, came here to this country (Legally) from across the Ocean.. Ellis Island is where they had to stay and fill out all kinds of paper work. Before they could come here and live in this wonderful country of ours…. Bush and his cronies and the Loony Left Liberals should be ashamed of themselves, for letting this happen.. This is not the America I grew up in.. What a damn shame!!!! If you are an illegal alien you are not welcome here!!!! This is the United States of America not United Mexico!!!!! I am sick and tired of these (Politicians) peeing on my leg and then tell me it’s raining!!!! I say to all of them!!!! Enforce the Immigration Laws we have on the books… God Bless you Sir, and God Bless America…. PS I am not and I repeat!!!! Learning how to speak Spanish!!!!!!!!!! over my dead body!!!!

  15. Linda Losh

    Mayor Barletta, I just wanted to inform you that the moron bloggers are covering up people’s comments on your website… I can’t understand how they can do this. I might be wrong about this, but I am afraid it may be so….

  16. Dereliction of Duty

    No man thinks more highly of patriotism than I do. The question I want to bring before you is one that I think is the result of an awful moment for this country. Should I not speak my opinions at a time such as this because of the fear of giving offense? If I did I would be as guilty as those who I consider to be derelict in their duty to our nation and all of the people who elected them.

    It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope, the hope that all of our elected leaders can be counted on in the enforcement of the laws of our country. In that hope, we are apt to shut our eyes against the painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till we find ourselves burden with a task that only the brave and fearless of heart can thwart and fight back.

    Are we to be counted among the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not our entreaty and humble supplication to the leaders of our great country, our great county to deal with the incredible invasion by millions of illegal aliens? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to pay that price.

    I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, our elected officials will do nothing unless we the people stand up for our right, the right to have our laws properly administered and enforced at whatever cost.
    For more check out

  17. whocouldshebe

    LOL – 38 million illegals, 13% of the US (>1 in 10.) Working, buying, renting here. With these figures & the laws, all are guilty of ‘aid, support, transport, shield, harbor’ through aid to others who help illegals. Very few visas are issued to Mexicans each year, not millions, mostly tourist, not for work, and only to rich Mexicans like drug dealers, the only way to get rich in Mexico. No legal entry way exists for poor innocent Mexicans. It’s not a baby’s fault being born on foreign soil. What did we do to become citizens? Nada! Instead stop the madness, open a business, hire them, then sit back and get rich. Anything else is plain racist! (Non-federal immigration laws are illegal, discrimination too, jailing of innocents, forced child abandoment, hate crimes, etc. everyone is illegal.) w00t!

  1. 1 DeMediacratic Nation

    Pennsylvania Lawmakers addressing Illegal Immigra…

    Doing it at the local level because our tax dollars don’t actually buy anything. Maybe these guys can talk to the AG of MA, not that it would make any difference. Bottom line is that lacking rewards tends to demotivate people to do something – it’s a…

  2. 2 Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

    Pennsylvania Lawmakers addressing Illegal Immigration at the State level

    Cross posted from Morning Coffee
    From The Daily Item  

    HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania should toughen its employment and welfare laws so illegal aliens have less incentive to come here, a coalition of state lawmakers said Tuesday.
    The lawmakers, …

  3. 3 Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

    Pennsylvania Lawmakers addressing Illegal Immigration at the State level.

    Cross posted from Morning Coffee
    From The Daily Item  
    HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania should toughen its employment and welfare laws so illegal aliens have less incentive to come here, a coalition of state lawmakers said Tuesday.
    The lawmakers, i…

  4. 4 Right Truth

    Electric fences keep out illegal aliens

    Ranchers in Texas build fences to keep their cattle from wandering onto their neighbors land. Illegal aliens come across the border with wire cutters ready to snip the wire fences and come into America, thus allowing cattle to escape. Ranchers

  5. 5 bRight & Early » CAII Roundup LI

    […] Morning Coffee — Pennsylvania Lawmakers addressing Illegal Immigration at the State level (6/21) […]

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