Ehren Watada a coward? or a Plant by the Anti War Crowd?

Here is the Seattle Times article on Ehren Watada.. Sorry I refuse to use his rank, because he deserves no respect for it.   

In a rare case of officer dissent, a Fort Lewis Army lieutenant has refused orders to head out to Iraq this month to lead troops in what he believes is an illegal war of occupation.

Rare case??? Since this is the only case wouldn't Unique be a better word here? and dissent? Wouldn't Cowardice be a better word here as well.

1st Lt. Ehren Watada was scheduled to make his first deployment to Iraq this month. His refusal to accompany the Stryker brigade troops puts him at risk of court martial and years of prison time.

I certainly Hope he likes making little rocks out of big ones.

In making his decision, Watada has reached out to peace groups, including clergy, students, some veterans opposed to Iraq and others. Some war critics are raising money for his legal defense as they seek to galvanize broader opposition to Bush administration policy in Iraq.

Lets take a look at some of the groups listed on Watada's Website.

  • Gold Star Families for Peace. Cindy Sheehan as the founding member.
  • International Socialist Organization. 
      • Evoking the Communist tradition of Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin, the Chicago-based International Socialist Organization (ISO) aspires to "organize activists in workplaces and communities and on campuses in order to mobilize opposition to all forms of oppression and exploitation." With capitalism its avowed enemy, the ISO places the blame for the world's social ills on America, and more specifically the Republican Party, calling President Bush the "bigot-in-chief," and describing the "dynasty" of the Bush family as a "virus."
      • The ISO views terrorism against U.S. targets and those of America's allies (most notably Israel) as the desperate actions of people who have been treated unjustly for too long by those nations. Regarding the 9/11 hijackers and Palestinian suicide bombers, for instance, the ISO asserts, "They weren't born wanting to become suicide bombers. But their lifetimes of humiliation . . . made them open to terrorism as a means to avenge their oppression." Source 
  • Not in Our Name:
      • Maoist anti-war front group
      • Founded by Revolutionary Communist Party member C. Clark Kissinger
      • Has condemned
        U.S. foreign and domestic policies after 9/11
      • Works closely with the pro-Castro groups the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization
      • Has featured indicted terrorists including Sami al-Arian and Lynne Stewart, to speak at its rallies

Looking at who is supporting him in this and how quickly they came together certainly indicates prior planning. My guess that a good portion of that planning started before he even decided to join.

Michelle MalkinWizbang, The Sandbox Have more


  1. The left is going to milk this guy until he is bone dry. They love him. He is like Christmas, birthday, Easter all rolled into one big package and just dropped in their lap. Ugh!

  2. I don’t have any problem with concientous objectors, such as those who were willing to go to prison for their beliefs during the Vietnam War, rather than run to Canada, but it makes absolutely no sense when someone in a volunteer military force suddenly decides to “object.” As far as I’m concerned, he has no case.

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  3. Andrew Sarkadi

    Once again, the armchair warriors are pontificating about the “bravery” or “patriotism” of an individual who has , unlike themselves, a shread of morality left. If these people are so indignant as they appear to be, why don’t they put their own miserable lives on the line or at the very least, encourage those who are nearest and dearest to them, to do so.
    One can only hope!

  4. Andrew,

    Interesting that you refer to me as an “Armchair Warrior”. Take a look at the “A Little about me” page, it is just below the top posts. Notice the guy in the picture wearing the U.S. Navy Uniform? That’s me. I wore that Uniform for 20 years. I have several close friends and family members who also wear the nations uniform today. Some of them serving in such fun filled places as Basrah and Rhamadi.
    What Watada represents is not patriotism, courage or morality but rather cowardice and dishonor. I firmly believe that Watada like Jonathan Hutto are nothing more than organized efforts by Code Pink and associates to undermine military morale from within the military itself.

  5. Andrew Sarkadi

    What a unipolar world Darrel must inhabit! All this drivel about
    wearing the Us navy uniform. Well Darrel, I’m underwhelmed!
    Pink codes, fellow travellers, evil empires etc etc…
    Life is NOT Star Wars. As for serving in places like Basrah and Rhamadi, who invited you in? Grow up!!

  6. TantheBlackhearted

    Well Andrew like Ehren, you seem to have commitment issues. You and your ilk seem to think that in a VOLUNTEER military, if you don’t like something, you can stomp your feet like insolent children and say; “I am not going, I don’t agree!”

    Oh what a wonderful world! Isn’t it sad it’s not reality. When you sign on the dotted line, most ADULTS realize that it’s a commitment to serve your country, not a game that you can opt out of when it gets too hard.

    It’s called MILITARY ORDERS, not an invitation.

    Since you seem to be all knowing, how about a few questions:

    What was Salman Pak?
    What was found at Taiwatha?
    Where did Abu Nidal have sanctuary?
    Who paid 25k to a terrorist’s family for attacks on Israeli and/or US interests?

    Who invited Darrell in? The US military issued orders, and Darrell understanding the commitment he made, followed them.

    You really should thank Darrell though, thanks to his commitment, he’s afforded you the opportunity to exercise your free speech that’s coming from your ass.

    Just think if you spoke like this in front of old Saddy boy.

  7. Andrew Sarkadi

    The last time I heard the lame excuse “military orders”, it was invoked by those sitting in the dock at Nuremburg. Besides,you’re too stupid to have an intelligent conversation with. Go back and play with your toy soldiers.

  8. TantheBlackhearted

    Ah yes, can’t answer the questions, time to resort to ad hominem attacks.

    Not surprising really, it’s the way your ilk operates. Run your mouth off, parroting what everyone else tells you to say, not knowing anything about the issue yourself.

    Interesting you call me stupid when you can’t answer the questions.

    Turn off the TV Andrew, trying opening a book (and Dr. Seuss doesn’t count).

    Andrew, another question, maybe you can answer this one, what color burka will you be wearing?

  9. Andrew Sarkadi

    The same colour as your heart. Black.

  10. Andrew Sarkadi

    Cat got your tongue?

  11. No Andrew the Cat doesn’t have my tongue…

    I just see no point in continuing to post either about or to a cowardly punk…

  12. TantheBlackhearted

    No Andrew,

    I do not believe in abusing handicapped people. Since you’re obviously mentally handicapped, consider yourself dismissed.

  13. Andrew Sarkadi

    Who is resorting to ad hominem attacks now? But that’s typical. You like to dish it out,but not take it.
    If you two really want to know why America has such an abysmally low standing in the world to-day, you merely have to look in the mirror. Smug, obese, petrol-guzzling, polluting, militaristic, aggressive are just few of the adjectives that can be ascribed to your country. And they’re just your good points.
    Every conflict since the end of WW2 has your fingerprints all over it. You regard Latin America as your exclusive propery, to do with as you please. No wonder most countries there are electing left-of-centre governments. You have had a stranle-hold on Cuba for the last 40 years for no other reason than you don’t want a progressive regime succeed in your orbit and then to be held up as a model by other countries in the region. The same applies for the rest of the world. Whenever there is a government , anywhere, that wants to depart from the American “model” and commit the heinous crime of redistributing that country’s wealth among its people, you demonise it and send in the Marines.
    I could go on for pages and pages more but I suspct I’d be wasting my time. Anyway, that got a few things off my chest and that is good enough for me.

  14. wendy

    Watada needs to take off the uniform of the US military. He does not represent them. Pay the military back the money for college. Fire his a$$ and he should get a job with Andrew.

  15. TantheBlackhearted


    Let me put this as plainly as I can. You’re a surrender monkey, who being an armchair quarterback, thinks you know more than the men and women who put on the boots.

    Fuck you and ideology, your ilk will revel in the destruction of this country.

  16. Andrew Sarkadi

    So now we have Wendy weighing in with the usual obtuseness one would expect from one with her views.
    “Fire his a$$”- she intones.Congratulations! A brilliant repost.
    Almost as good as TtB’s infantile “surrender monkey”remark.
    Just one question to you both master polemicists- if I am all the things you say I am,(and I am proud to wear those labels) what does it say for the majority of your fellow citizens and members of your Congress and Senate, who are against this wretched occupation? (I won’t call it a war, because you ALWAYS attack poor, underdeveloped countries with miniscule resources)
    Are they ALL traitors? Next time you open your platitudinous mouths, think through the consequences of what you’re saying. If that’s not too much to ask!

  17. Andrew:

    There are dozens of posts here that show that public opinion on the War in Iraq (it is a war despite how much you would like to deny it) has been manipulated by the liberal media and politicians whose only goal is to undermine the President.

    Headlines and evening news broadcasts are filled with reports (some not even factual) of car bombs, destruction of mosques, and unending violence in Iraq. Unmentioned in virtually any news broadcast is any of the accomplishments we are making in Iraq.

    Finaly Andrew, if you want to comment about Iraq… there are countless posts here that you can do so… If you want to lob insults at me or others then get your own blog…

    Have a nice day

  18. Andrew Sarkadi

    Thank you Darrel for the civil tone you employed in your reply.I just want to state (finally) that I will desist from writing any more letters to your website. It seems to me that you and your fellow readers are averse to any criticsm of your ingrained views, as is your right.
    It’s a pity, though, as a healthy discussion is the springwell of an intelligent discourse. One only has to look at Stalinist Russia or Hitler’s Germany, where no opposing comments were allowed.
    I am sorry if I was a little bit too strident at times, I suppose I let my anger get the better of me.
    Good bye and may enlightenment come to you and your contributors one day.

  19. Well Andrew if I were really averse to criticism of anything I post here, tell me how your comments manage to get through and not sent to the spam pile?

    I have no problem with a dissenting opinion especially one that is backed up with facts and delivered in an articulate and respectful manner. Unfortunately those on the left are seemingly unable to engage in such a discussion. They resort to personal attacks and name calling to divert the discussion away from the facts that do not support their agenda.

    Judging from the quality and content of your comments here Andrew, I somehow don’t think that your comments will be missed.

    Again Have a nice day..

  20. TantheBlackhearted


    Good riddance

  21. gin

    I find Ehren discusting. He is nothing more than a coward who is being glorified by the left wing. He is just like his father who also refused to serve, he was suppose to fight in Vietnam. He has commited mutiny. It is his duty as a soldier to folly every lawful order.

  22. Keith

    I only wish that the firing squad was still used for matters such as this. What really has me nauseated is since the mistrail was announced everyone on the left is screaming “DOUBLE JEOPARDY! DOUBLE JEOPARDY!” without a single one of these illiterate tools realizing that all “DOUBLE JEOPARDY” protects you against is being found GUILTY of the same crime twice and has absolutely diddly to do with a mistrial.

  23. Keith

    Andrew Sarkadi is such a tool! Of course, you all knew that by now. I especially liked this little tid bit “If you two really want to know why America has such an abysmally low standing in the world to-day, you merely have to look in the mirror. Smug, obese, petrol-guzzling, polluting, militaristic, aggressive are just few of the adjectives that can be ascribed to your country.”


    Does the US REALLY have that low a standing in the world? If so then why are 23 of the top 30 Universities WORLD-WIDE in the US? Why is American culture spreading the world over at light speed and not the other way around? If the US trult has such a low standing the world over then why is the entire world so desperate to dress like us, eat like us, listen to the same music and live the same life. I’ve traveled from Sweden to Johannesburg and from Spain to Shanghi and everywhere I go they want what I have.

    I also especially loved how Andrew just could not deal with reality. First he tells Darrell to “put up or shut up” and the when Darrel demonstrates his 20 years of “putting up” Andrew dismisses it.

    Of course, Andrew never did answer these questions so I will for him:

    What was Salman Pak?
    Salman Pak was the most state-of-the-art military base in Saddam military and it was here that his military directly trained terrorist groups in the methods of bomb-making and other military tactics.

    What was found at Taiwatha?
    Taiwatha was a major part of Saddam’s nuclear program and many ton’s of unranium were found there. Oddly, this never made the news…..

    Where did Abu Nidal have sanctuary?
    I’ll give you one guess….

    Who paid 25k to a terrorist’s family for attacks on Israeli and/or US interests?
    Ok, even you lefties should be able to get this one!

    Let’s not also forget that Saddam had and USED chemical weapons in the past and yet so many of you libbies don’t seem to care about that. It truly sickens me that you seem to think that freedom of any kind is an American right and not a human one.

    I honestly believe that you sheeple would let a women get raped or a child get molested so long as it would ensure your safety. How do you people even look at yourselves in the mirror? How shallow and cheap can your manhood be?

  24. RF

    Keith –

    This is a fairly late reply, but I felt I had to correct you on one issue. It’s spelt “Tuwaitha”, not Taiwatha. Moreover, the Uranium found was low-enriched uranium that was placed under seal in storage at Tuwaitha but under the control of the IAEA. These seals were broken not by Saddam, but by Marines in the Invasion. All high-grade uranium was removed and shipped it for storage in Russia 12 years before the Invasion. Besides, if they did exist, I’m fairly sure that Dick would be jumping up and down with glee.

  1. 1 frmb2u: b in sync with your world

    […] In “Listening For The New Told Lies — Watada Stands Against Iraq War” Daniel Kirkdorffe voices his support of Watada and reasons behind it. If you want another side to the story, read the commentry on Michelle Malkin where Watada is regarded as a deserter, rather than a dissenter. Then there is Morning Coffee where Darrell suggests Watada is “a plant by the anti-war crowd”. At The News Tribune blog you can see the mini spin Watada has put the media in. It’s a real bugger when you need to ask your readers what to think. […]

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