Some good news from Iraq

At least once a month or so I try and compile reports of the progress from Iraq. The Media intentionally or not, is assisting those who would like to see us fail in Iraq. Suicide attacks, Car Bombs, and daily casualty reports get front page headlines and continuous air time in the broadcast media. What these reports do is obscure the real evidence of progress throughout Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the rest of the Middle East. I am not saying that these reports should be censored, but these attacks are only part of the story. For a full understanding of Iraq and the War on Terror the full story must be reported.

Here are some of the reports that the Media have chosen to ignore this month.

U.S. Army Mechanics Train Iraqi Counterparts

In an effort to help the Iraqi army travel the roads of Iraq, a small group of U.S. soldiers assigned to Company B, 589th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, has been dispatched to Forward Operating Base Constitution to help repair a number of the Iraqi army’s heavy-wheeled vehicles, predominantly the Russian-built 7.5-ton Kraz.

“This cooperation will help our country go to the front and, of course, help us to defeat the insurgents and stop everything that’s happening outside the gate.”

Iraqi Warrant Officer Khadun Jawae

New School Benefits More Than 800 Iraqi Students

A newly constructed school located in the center of Dahuk will serve approximately 840 students and 36 teachers.

This new two-story complex consists of a 12-room classroom school with a detached exterior lavatory building, a play-yard and a generator building, all of which is surrounded by a three-meter high perimeter wall.

Combat Support Hospital Still Saving Lives

Traumatic injuries are a tragic fact of life in war. But thanks to the efforts of military medical personnel here, wounded servicemembers have the best chance of surviving their injuries than in any previous conflict.

The 10th receives about 20 people a day, and treats coalition servicemembers, Iraqi soldiers and Iraqi civilians. The staff also gives medical care to wounded insurgents.

Smith, the hospital’s deputy commander for clinical services, said the 10th treats more than half of the trauma victims in Iraq.

“The effects of (improvised explosive devices) and gunshots produce most of the casualties,” he said. “IEDs have developed to an extent that they are delivering devastating injuries: amputations, puncturing body cavities, blast (injuries) and now burns.” Still, the American survival rate is the best for any war, at 94 percent.

U.S. casualties come in groups, Smith observed. “Americans tend to stick with their vehicles,” said the doctor, who served 12 years as a field artilleryman. “Iraqis conduct more dismounted operations, so their wounds are more gunshot (wounds).”
New Medical Center Part of Iraqi City’s Growth

When completed, the medical center will provide outpatient care to an estimated 40,000 residents of Sulaymaniyah.

Growth. Industry. Commerce. Life. Capital investment. These are just some of the words to describe the feelings when driving through Sulaymaniyah, the capital city of Iraq’s most northeastern province of the same name. Sulaymaniyah Province shares borders with Iran for hundreds of miles. It is one of the oft spoken about Kurdish populated areas of Iraq. The streets are alive with shoppers, and the shops are full of goods. Rush hour is characterized by gridlock, as can be found in any western city of a similar size.

Iraqi Army Ready to Roll With Loaner Humvees

Iraqi Security Forces received armored humvees from coalition forces in April 2006 on Forward Operating Base Courage, Mosul, Iraq.

“This will help the Iraqis accomplish their missions without fear. This is another step to let the Iraqis control their own country”  U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Allen Bennett

The vehicles are on loan to the security forces to help them succeed at their mission and to build the confidence of their soldiers to effectively patrol the streets of Mosul.
This is just a small sample that the MSM chose not to report on this month. Other reports can be found here.


  1. TantheBlackhearted

    I am so glad you are posting this information. Too few focus on the good that is occurring over there. Please continue to do this.

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