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I want to start out by saying that those depicted in the photo have every right to voice their opinion about the war. What they do not have a right to do however, if they are military personnel, is use the uniform of this nations armed services to protest its foreign policy. Those on the left may call this an exercise of free specch. With every right we have that is protected by our constitution also comes a duty to exercise those rights in a responsible manner. The time to debate and discuss US intervention in Iraq was in the Summer, Fall and Winter of 2002. Once the decision was made and the our troops stepped over the line of departure, the discussion ends all of the arguments opposing it became moot. From that point on the only choices on the table was victory or defeat. From that point on, you either hoped we won, or hoped we lost. It is plainly obvious which choice those in this photo have made. A protest like this has only one purpose; to undermine our mission in Iraq, and doing so also undermines those who are deployed in support of that mission.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Several thousands, led by religious leaders,
entertainers and politicians, marched on Sunday to urge the government to halt
"genocide" in Sudan's Darfur region.

There have been many protest rallies throughout the nation about the Genocide and other attrocities occuring in the Darfur region of Sudan. I agree with those who insist that some action must be taken to stop those attrocities from continuing. Sudan is a totalitarian regime that utilizes brutality and suppression of human rights to remain in power, especially suppression of freedoms of speech and religion. The totalitarian regime in Sudan has continually resisted efforts by the UN, EU and US to stop the attrocities. Obviously achieving any sort of diplomatic solution would do little more than prolong the suffering of the people of Darfur. The only real solution here is a regime change to one that protects the freedoms and human rights of its citizens. I find it ironic to say the least that some of the same groups that advocate US intervention in Darfur are among the most vocal in protesting US intervention in Iraq. Saddam Hussein after all killed and tortured more people over a longer period of time, resisted UN and other international efforts to prtect the rights of its minorities, and like the Sudanese regime used brutal efforts to suppress any opposition.

Here are some links on Darfur that are informative:
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My greatest disappointment in President Bush and the Republican leadership in both the House and Senate is the seemingly uncontrolled and irresponsible spending. I know that Representatives and Senators from both sides of the aisle are responsible for the ridiculous levels of earmarks in federal spending, but Republicans have the power to reduce if not eliminate this practice. It is high time they exercise that power.

The Senate got bogged down last week on a $106.5 billion emergency spending bill for the Iraq war and hurricane recovery. But the biggest fights had nothing to do with the military or helping out residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Instead, the bill has turned into a showdown over priorities and how
much Senate Republicans are willing to spend to help GOP candidates in the
upcoming midterm election. The debate pits fiscal conservatives, led by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), against more politically minded Republicans, who want to use pork-barrel spending to curry favor with voters in November.

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Our not so friendly socialist neighbors to the south have formed a trade alliance against us evil Americans. (Please note sarcasim here).

Leftist leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia on Saturday signed a
comprehensive integration agreement and trade accord cast as an alternative to
U.S. plans for a free-trade pact with the Latin American region.
The accord gives Cuba preferential financing for Venezuelan oil and payment
for services of more than 30,000 Cuban doctors and other professionals working
in Venezuela. It has helped Cuba emerge from the economic crisis that followed
the demise of the Soviet Union, its former benefactor.

With Runaway "Earmark" better know as Pork Spending in congress it is refreshing to see at least one elected member of congress taking a stand aginst it.

Here is a Link to Senator Coburn

All Coburn All Day
Living up to his pledge to challenge every earmark this year, Senator Tom Coburn is going to be offering all kinds of amendments today by using a "clay pigeon" strategy. The idea is that Coburn will offer a BIG "holding" amendment with 19 smaller amendments tucked into it. Below is a memo from his office that explains it well.

You gotta admit that this is a bold step, that may actually cause Ahmadinejad to think twice or perhaps for other rational leaders in Iran to take some action to prevent him from going to far over the edge.

Jerusalem ( – The inclusion of Israel as a full member in NATO would strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's ability to combat Islamic fundamentalism and persuade Iran to back off from its nuclear pursuits, a former Spanish prime minister has said.Islamic fundamentalist terrorism and Iran's nuclear development arguably are two of the most pressing threats facing the Western world today.

Israel has been at the forefront of the war against terrorism for decades, and it is now foremost among the nations sounding an alarm about Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The U.S. and Britain have submitted a paper, which has not yet been published, on possible reforms to NATO. Leaks to the press have indicated that the reforms include taking a more "global approach," said Steiner.

Foreign ministers meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, this week began informal discussions on strengthening and expanding ties with non-member countries, which will be wrapped up at the NATO Summit in Latvia in November.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said that NATO would not become a global alliance but "an Alliance with global partners."

This is a Headline from today:

Hyundai Motor head arrested over slush fund scandal

Hyundai Motor Group head Chung Mong-Koo has been arrested and thrown into a prison on charges of embezzlement and breach of trust following a month-old
probe into a slush fund scandal. Chung is charged with raising about 130
billion won (138 million dollars) of slush funds through the group's affiliates
since 2001. The 68-year-old chairman was also charged with causing 390 billion
won (414 million dollars) in damages to the country's second largest business
group through his business misconduct.

Here is another Headline from March 16th

Questions Surround Activities of Clinton Donor

WASHINGTON – Senator Clinton's likely Republican opponent in 2006
and a South Korean newspaper are raising questions about campaign donations the New York Democrat has received from a New York businessman who is involved in an organization that sets up cultural events in North Korea.

The organization was founded by a man who later resigned as South Korea's ambassador to America after allegations emerged that he helped establish a "slush fund" for South Korean politicians.

So how many South Korean bribery/slush funds are there? And why is Nancy Pelosi so quiet on this? If it were a Republican you know damn well Ms Pelosi would have had at least three Press Conferences telling us all how evil Republicans are. I personally don't know what evidence there is that demonstrates the junior Senator from New York is guilty of any wrong doing, but there is ample evidence of a Pattern of Corruption in the Clinton Fundraising.

First there is Johnny Chung, Peter Paul, and Marc Rich, How much of Saddam Husseins Oil for Food money made it into the Clinton Library, Hillary's senatorial campaigns, The DNC and the Clinton Legal Defense Fund?

The Clinton Culture of Corruption Continues.

My Country-My View: Once again this is not about race!!!
The border issue is not about race, although some on both sides would like nothing better than to make it a race thing. This is about national security and is a legal issue. We in my opinion do need to allow more people to enter the country to work or be reunited with families already here legally. We also need to speed up the process for legal immigration and reduce the burocratic process involved. But our priority must be the security of our borders. Most Americans have nothing against those who come here seeking a better life for themselves and their families, all we really ask is that they at least sign the guest book.

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Political Dogs: Alternative Fuels Analysis

And let's not forget that if we succeed in weaning ourselves off foreign
oil by making laternatives far cheaper, that will drive the price of oil to the
bottom of its historical price range, causing the cheaper alternatives to seem
expensive by comparison.

When oil was $20 – $30 per bbl there was little profit incentive to develop alternative fuels. Now that it is $70, the incentive is there to apply our industrial, technological, and scientific capabilities into kicking the oil addiction or at least reduce it to a point where a disruption in oil supplies will no longer be a threat to our economy and national security.